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About Us

Our Aim

Rotherham Wah Hong Chinese Association's aim is:


To support and enhance the welfare, quality of life and prosperity of the Chinese community in Rotherham

Wah Hong strives to achieve this through positive delivery of various activities and programmes.

Our Objectives

  • To promote the health and social welfare of the Chinese people in Rotherham


  • To improve the quality of life of the Chinese people in Rotherham through encouraging and advancing education and training and facilitating recreational activities.


  • To raise the profile of the Chinese community in Rotherham and act as a local voice on their behalf for better communication and participation in relevant community activities


  • To support the learning of English language as a second language and promote the learning of Chinese language as an additional language especially to the younger generation in the Chinese community in Rotherham


  • To plan and deliver community activities which promote the Chinese history, tradition and culture to the Chinese community as well as to the wider community in Rotherham


  • To support the improvement of employability and enterprise skills of the Chinese people through which to enable them to integrate and contribute to the society as a good citizen

Join us for:



Day Trips

Arts & crafts

Chinese festival celebrations

Meeting new friends

Our History


Rotherham Wah Hong Chinese Association was founded in 1995 and has continued to bring together the Chinese community in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, thanks to a handful of dedicated and committed volunteers.

Wah Hong also receives support in kind from umbrella organisation REMA (Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance). With kind support from REMA, Wah Hong has successfully been receiving Awards For All lottery funding to allow this voluntary group to host various activities, presently:

  • Cook and Share Luncheon Group

  • Line dancing classes

  • Chat and Craft

  • Cultural celebrations like Chinese New Year and the Mooncake Festival

  • Summer outings

We also participate in community events like Black History Month, Rotherham Diversity Festival, workshops for Love is Louder & Hate Crime projects in Rotherham. 

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