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Welcoming Hearts
Sharing Hopes


Our membership doubled in 2023. We have over 300 members and most of them are BNO Hongkongers, British Nationals (Overseas). We hope they will swiftly integrate into the community, have a successful future in the UK, and enjoy living here. According to data, about 140,000 BNO HongKongers came to the UK from Hong Kong between 2020 and April 2023. 


An average of 30 members attended the Monday luncheon provided by the South Yorkshire WH Community, where they helped with our allotment plant work and rewarded themselves with natural plants. 


There are several different age groups in between the 3 to 85 age range. In the upcoming years, we intend to provide more events and activities tailored to these age groups, such as Day trip outings, English classes, Interest groups, Handcraft, Sports, Walking groups, Dance classes and traditional festival celebrations that will bring wellbeing to our members. On the other hand, we seek to support more people and the natural environment in the South Yorkshire region, particularly young people aged 16 to 25, by providing hope and assistance in acquiring skills and boosting self-confidence before entering the labour market. 


We will make more efforts to improve the mental health, emotional, and social well-being of the elderly, particularly concerning the language barriers that challenges them from integrating into life in the UK. In addition, we provided bilingual translation services to our members.

Joey Tung
South Yorkshire WH Community cic
Delighted to share the good news that South Yorkshire WH Community cic has been successful in securing another year of funding from National Lottery Awards for All.  Members looking forward to continue sharing their culinary skills and also promoting healthy living through various activities.
Walking group  Chatsworth Park 18-02-0223.JPG
Set-up new green house 17-04-2023a_edited.jpg
Walking group Bamford Edge 1-06-2023_edited.jpg
Set-up new green house 17-04-2023c.JPG

English classes 

Day trip outings 

Interest groups

Handcraft workshop

Swimming and Sports 

Walking groups

Tai Chi classes 

Easter outings

Mid-Autumn Festival gathering

Christmas gathering

Happy New Year celebrations

Lunar New Year annual dinner

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